International Training on July 2022

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Steps to Design and Expand a Wastewater Treatment Plant Anaerobic Aerobic System Design for Industry

Facilitator Trainer: Muhammad Ameen Keryo, M.Sc., M.Com. (CEO MAKES Pakistan Pvt Limited)
Facilitator Trainer: Dwi Handaya, Ir. M.HSE. (Advisor IDWA – Water and Wastewater Treatment Specialist with 30 Years Experience
Moderators: Zainal Arivin, B.Eng (CEO PT. Waterpedia Rejeki Langit – Indonesia)

On July 25-26, 2022. PT Waterpedia had held international training which had some participants from Pakistan, Tanzania and Indonesia

The Training based was based on the unavailability of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in large industries. The selection of the topic of the international training is based on the lack of awareness of industrial entrepreneurs to treat liquid waste.

The purpose is to design WWTPs using aerobic treatment, anaerobic treatment, and compare the two treatment technologies in terms of removal efficiency, land area used, operations, and also costs, which will be used in Pakistan and Indonesia.

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