Steps to Design and Expand a Wastewater Treatment Plant Anaerobic Aerobic System Design for Industry

Facilitator Trainer: Muhammad Ameen Keryo, M.Sc., M.Com. (CEO MAKES Pakistan Pvt Limited)
Facilitator Trainer: Dwi Handaya, Ir. M.HSE. (Advisor IDWA – Water and Wastewater Treatment Specialist with 30 Years Experience
Moderators: Zainal Arivin, B.Eng (CEO PT. Waterpedia Rejeki Langit – Indonesia)

Many industries have designed WWTPs with limited budgets, so the current condition of the WWT Plant is found that is not in accordance with the production capacity that continues to increase from time to time. Or a company that does not have an WWTP but the waste is dumped into the river. It’s time for the industry to take part in this training, so that waste water disposal is in accordance with government regulations. The government through the Ministry of Environment has implemented the PROPER program which is an evaluation of the environmental performance of each industry on air emissions, B3 waste, and liquid waste. There are still many industrial circles who experience problems with liquid waste, because the available WWTP plants are no longer sufficient for the existing liquid waste.

If you are a manager at the planning level (Process engineer), and implementer (Operator) in residential or industrial wastewater treatment. Take this training

Who Should Attend?
• Contractor Water & Wastewater Treatment
• Supervisors / Managers, Engineers plant
• Design Engineers,
• environmental engineer
• Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
• personnel regulations
• Contractors, Researcher
• Manufacture engaged Equipment Water, wastewater
• The company advocates, Student, Others

Facilities Obtained by Participants:
1. Soft Copy Book Wastewater Treatment (WWT) Design and expansion of WWT, STP, PWT
2. Tools Roadmap Design STP,WWTP, Version 1.0
3. Certificate
4. Experienced and qualified trainer and Networking

Training Methods:
• Presentation of “best available technology” in the field of WWT, case studies, Diksusi, Quiz, sharing experience.
• Participants can bring field data when planning to expand in the field of WWT plant.
• WWT expansion calculations done in Excel, so it can be directly copied to the participants.
• Trainer with Language English
• Workshop and study case Design STP,WWTP with tools Roadmap Design WWT/STP Version 1.0

📅 25 to 26 Juli 2022 (duration 4 hours/day)
🕣 07.30 p.m. – 11.30 p.m. (Indonesia time zone)
💻 Online Via ZOOM
💸 Registration Fee: 25$

JazzCash: A/N 03003233687

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Pakistan registration information:
MAKES Pakistan Pvt Limited
WhatsApp: +92 300 3233687

Indonesia registration information :
PT. Waterpedia Rejeki Langit
Whatsapp: +62 878 5092 5256